Primary Choice

Primary Choice is a new campaign to help members of the public choose the right health advice available in the local community.

Primary Choice focuses on Community Pharmacists, Optometrists, Dentists, General Practice Nurses, GP Receptionists and GPs to highlight their expertise and specialist skills so that patients receive the most appropriate advice, care and treatment for their needs.

By seeing the most appropriate person for your healthcare needs will not only save you time but will mean you receive advice, care and treatment from the right person.

In need of healthcare advice?

If you have toothache, sore or bleeding gums, troublesome wisdom tooth, tooth sensitivity or other types of facial pain your Primary Choice is a Dentist.

If you have problems with your eye health like injuries, pain, swelling, visual loss or disturbance your Primary Choice is an Optometrist.

If you have a minor illness like coughs, colds, diarrhoea or headaches or need advice on medications your Primary Choice is a Community Pharmacist.

If you call your GP Practice you will speak to the GP Receptionist. They are trained to ask questions about your healthcare needs to help signpost you to the most appropriate person to provide advice or treatment.

Your General Practice Nurse is your Primary Choice for wound and minor injury treatment, contraception advice and reviews, immunisations, blood monitoring and chronic illness reviews.

By making the right Primary Choice means your GP can spend time with the most vulnerable, complex and very ill patients.

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