Training Practice

Our practice is recognised for the postgraduate vocational training of fully qualified doctors (GP Registrars) who have decided on family medicine as their speciality.

In the United Kingdom, doctors wishing to become GPs take at least 5 years training after medical school, which is usually an undergraduate course of five to six years (or a graduate course of four to six years) leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB,ChB/BS).

Registrars are medically qualified and many have a great deal of hospital experience. Their training in the Practice is centred on the role of the General Practitioner. They are available for consultations in exactly the same way as the other doctors in the practice. On occasions patients may be asked for their permission to video record their consultation. Video recording will only be undertaken with patients’ consent and the camera will be switched off on request.

The registrar is usually attached to the practice for between 6-12 months at a time. Dr Smith and Dr Guilford oversee the registrar.

It is important that they should be in contact with patients in the community and we would appreciate your help in their training.

Four Elms Medical centres also participate in the Health Board’s Personal & Professional Development Training days and as a result are occasional half day closures to facilitate the associated training sessions. This applies to all clinical and non clinical staff.

Our preferred training day is a Tuesday however we may occasionally be closed on a Wednesday afternoon – this is dictated to us by the Health Board.