COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

We will soon begin our Covid-19 vaccination clinics and we are aware that there will be many of you who are anxious to have the vaccination as soon as possible, whilst also having many questions regarding the vaccine and how to prepare for our clinics.

Waiting for your appointment

Please see the document below which explains why you may have to wait to have your vaccination appointment.

Why do I have to wait

Delivering a mass vaccination programme at such a large scale is an enormous challenge, and requires a great deal of preparation and coordination to ensure it can be done safely. It is simply not possible to vaccinate everyone who is eligible for it at the same time, and therefore we have to sequence the invitations in accordance with the priority groups that are set nationally.

What to expect when you are called for your appointment.

Information for UK recipients leaflet

The leaflet above will provide you with comprehensive information regarding the vaccine.

The practice will telephone each patient in priority group order in order to invite them for the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine and whilst we will attempt to give you as much notice as possible before your appointment due to the ever changing nature of the current situation this may be at very short notice, sometimes possibly on the same day.

Please make every effort to attend the appointment we offer you as we will not be able to reserve a future appointment and you may have to wait until we have more vaccines before you are asked again.

There will be several questions the call handler will ask you before they are able to book your appointment and you are asked to answer all these questions honestly and to the best of your ability.

During the phone call it may become apparent that you are not a suitable patient for the current clinic due to extenuating circumstances. Please do not be concerned regarding this as we will make a note of it and invite you to a future clinic at a more appropriate time.  For example you will not be able to have the vaccination if you have recently had a positive Covid-19 test or if you have had a flu vaccination within the previous 7 days from the date of our appointment.  However, the call handler will go through these questions with you when they call.

Please also be aware that you should not drive for 15 minutes after your vaccination and that due to social distancing guidelines you will not be allowed to wait within the surgery; therefore we ask that post-vaccination you wait in your vehicle for the required time.

Please do not ask for any other person in your household/family to be vaccinated as this will not be possible (unless they too are in the same priority group). The team member you speak to will not have chosen who to call as the lists are generated centrally by the practice so they have no control over the order in which patients are asked to attend.

As a reminder please be clear that we will not tolerate any foul or abusive language directed towards our staff. We take a zero tolerance approach to both physical and verbal abuse and will remove patients from our list if we feel your behaviour is unacceptable.

What to expect after you have received the vaccination.

Please see the leaflet below which will answer many of the questions you may have following your vaccination. If you have any questions which are not dealt with within this leaflet please feel free to talk through your concerns with the clinician who provides your vaccination.

What to expect after

Elsewhere on this page there is a link to the Welsh Government website which includes a wealth of information on all aspects of COVID-19.